About us

Control Laboratories Ltd., designs, develops and manufactures broad variety of measuring and transmitting instruments.  


Conlab's products are competitively priced high precision for temperature and electric parameters for the automation, utilities and process control industry.  


Since 1985, we, at Conlab put great emphasis placed on precision manufacturing, high quality, superior value, and after-sale support.  


We believe that "Accuracy equals Quality" - as only high quality instruments in means of high engineering, state-of-the-art components, high production standards and top final testing and calibration can guarantee high accuracy. 


Our products are divided into four groups:  

  • Temperature measurements, which include analog, digital programmable and SMART lines of signal conditioners and transmitters.
  • High accuracy transducers for AC parameters measurements.
  • High accuracy transducers for DC parameters measurements.
  • Analog Multiplexers which include multiplexers for: current loop input channels, Pt-100 inputs channels, voltage inputs channels multiplexed either to 4-20mA output or to fiber-optic network and ModBus interface. 

Conlab products belong to the world top quality instruments in means of accuracy, thermal stability and useful life.Accuracy of ±0.1% of span is standard at almost all the range.  


Beyond manufacturing and marketing precision instruments, we are committed to high standards of quality assurance, customer service and almost unconditioned warranty.  


Our dynamic and flexible organization enable quick response to customers needs. Products modifications for OEM market are easy and fast.  


Conlab's R&D group is rigorously strives to develop new state-of-the-art instruments, leading-edge range of process instrumentation.